About Us

In early 1974, Tommy’s Carpet Cleaning was born when Tommy Overstreet left his job as a mechanic at City Ford in Bedford, VA. Later Joined by brother, Steve Overstreet, the company quickly gained traction as one of the first carpet cleaning companies in the area. Over the years, we would grow to become involved largely in fire restoration and contents cleaning helping homeowners and businesses recover their property from fire and smoke damage.

Family-owned and operated

Since the beginning, we have strived to maintain the customer service that you expect from a small, family-owned business. We guarantee our work, and will not attempt a job when we feel the carpet is beyond cleaning.

Where we serve

We serve Bedford, Lynchburg, Smith Mountain Lake, Forest, Roanoke, Goode, Montvale, Blue Ridge, Daleville, Wyndhurst, Cornerstone, Big Island, Sedalia, Moneta, Huddleston, Union Hall, and Burnt Chimney, Virginia.

Our methods

While our methods vary depending on fabric and textile type, We generally use Hot water extraction commonly known as “steam Cleaning”

HWE is the only method that is recognized industry-wide as being warranty-safe by major carpet mills such as Mowhawk, Shaw, etc

Concerned with dry times? Don't be.

Remember- Hot Water Extraction is the only cleaning method approved by all major carpet manufacturers.

While other companies may leave your carpets soaking wet after cleaning, we have invested in the best truck-mounted extractors, tools, and equipment available to ensure that your carpet is left dry within 2 hours or less. Typically, if you have ceiling fans in the room, we recommend turning them on to achieve even faster dry times!

Why Cleaning is important?

Your carpet is more than just flooring. It is also the biggest filter in your home, trapping dust, dirt, pet dander, and even mold spores in the fibers. By using the steam cleaning (HWE) method, we are able to flush the fiber of the carpet and suck everything outside of the home, rather than dispersing it throughout the home as many vacuum cleaners do. Our method of cleaning not only helps your carpets look better, but it improves the indoor air quality of your home. Especially important for Children, Pets, and adults with allergies or breathing issues